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Noise from the hair dryers is one of the most annoying things to the person using it and also to those who are nearby. Many times we intentionally skip drying our hair and let our hair air-dry simply because we either do not want to disturb other or no longer able to bear the noise of our hair dryers.

To find a quiet hair dryer may not be easy, as many of those hair dryers that claim to be quiet turn out to be noisy although a little less but still at annoying level. However, over the last few years, many manufacturers have started manufacturing hair dryers that can keep the noise nuisance to a minimum.

The Advantages of a Quiet Hair Dryer

Noise free
Noise free hair dryer will let you dry your hair calmly without any annoying sound. Further, with a quiet hair dryer you can avoid disturbing people who are still asleep as you prepare early for work.

Healthy for your ear
Regular use of hair dryer and subsequently subjecting your ears to level of noise may cause harm to your ear in the long run and your sense of hearing may become affected. Less noisy hair dryers are gentle on your ears, so even if you use it daily, it is still safe.

Best Quiet Hair Dryers

Panasonic EH-NE42N Hair Dryer
Panasonic EH-NE42N Hair DryerFor quiet operation, Panasonic EH-NE42N features an improved internal construction. Dual air flow to regulate airflow, a fixed clearance between fan and body, and a high efficiency fan for smooth airflow effectively reduce operation noise. Panasonic EH-NE42N Hair Dryer is an ideal tool for speedy, effortless blow drying and hair styling. With ionic technology, that provides twin external ion output, you can style quicker and better. The ionic technology ensures, moisture retention, softer, shinier hair that are long lasting. The Panasonic EH-NE42N Hair Dryer produces only 49(db) sound, on silent operation mode. The person in next room, won’t even realize when you began and got done with hair drying or styling. The cool shot button, locks in the hair do, for a longer period of time with a light release of cold air. Panasonic EH-NE42N Hair Dryer features varied power controls and temperature settings, that will let you style your hair do just the way you prefer it. Besides that, you can adjust the speed in 3 different ways. This Panasonic hair dryer styles in precision with its ergonomic design for effortless use. Read More

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Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer
Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair DryerPanasonic has built the EH-ND52N keeping in mind the versatility of Indian hair type. Flowing at a velocity of 50 miles an hour at 1500W, the Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer will make your hair smooth and keep it intact. To compliment the velocity, air heat flows at a temperature of 220V. The hair dryer features high strength motor and air flow pressure. A balance in both velocity and temperature, ensures that your scalp does not get burnt. The nozzle directs the air better, in turn helping you to get the drying done quickly. The dryer cord extends 1.8m (almost 2m), making it easy for you to move around for longer time. The cool shot down button fastens the hair style, keeps it intact without comprising on the lustre or health of the hair. Own this top of the line technology and exuberant design hair dryer. The hair dryer is not too loud in appearance and also extremely efficient. You don’t have to splurge a large amount. For the features it’s loaded with, the Panasonic EH-ND52N hair dryer is definitely worth the pay. Read More

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Andis 30865 Professional Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic 1600 Watts Hair Dryer
Andis 30865 Professional Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic 1600 Watts Hair DryerThe Andis Elevate Tourmaline Ionic Nano Ceramic 1600 Watt Hair Dryer has a wide barrel for increased airflow and velocity. Crushed from precious gemstones, the tourmaline crystals emit negative ions that quickly seal the cuticle layer and eliminate frizz for smoother, silkier hair. Ionic technology dries hair faster by breaking up water molecules. Nano-Ceramic, with it’s smooth finish, minimizes friction and delivers far-infrared heat. The dryer has 4 heat settings and two air speeds for the ultimate in styling capability. The unit features a quiet, long-lasting motor and it equipped with Lifeline shock protection and a convenient hanger loop for easy storage. The dryer comes with a concentrator and a styling pick..

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