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When you are looking up at the mirror to get that professional hair do, the first thing you need besides all other cosmetic stock, is a good hair dryer. Though the technology of any hair dryer may vary, the functionality among all of them will be more or less the same. Generally in Dryers there will be a fan to pull the cool air inside the unit and then pass it on through a heated coil which boosts the temperature of the air. The existing warm air will be then forced out from the nozzle at a very high speed to your hair. But keeping the process of air heating aside, there will be many common elements and differences too which needs to be analyzed. Otherwise you may end up with a bad purchase.

Heating Process

While selecting your hair dryer do check the technology that is being used to heat the air. this is the most determining factor of most of the hair dryers, as this heeating proccess itself directly influence the air while being navigated through the unit. For instance, any metal element will create a dry and uneven heat but Ceramic elements will use the far­infrared rays to heat the hair from inside out, it works much more gently than a direct heat blast . If you go forTourmaline elements, there the heat would be spread evenly, which helps the hair in retaining its shine and also helps in reducing the frizz. They are also good in diffusing positive ions, that kills static electricity and as a result is able to dry the hair without making a mess out of it.


It is also important to take a note of the wattage of your dryer as even the best blow dryer ends up acting as a measurement of the total heat output. The higher a dryer’s wattage goes, the faster it will be able to dry your hair. Those who have short or fine hair will benefit the most from a low wattage, whereas those with heavy and curly hair should go for a higher wattage. It is advisable that one doesn’t assume a higher heat output always as the best unless your hair type requires it, as if you heat your hair with more units than required, it could damage your hair.


Your ideal hair blower needs to have some more options than a set of mere on­and­off buttons. It is always good to have dryers that comes with multiple settings as that will allow the user to adjust the speed and also the heat. Sometimes users even choose to get a unit with a “cool shot” setting that doesn’t depend entirely on the usage of the heating component and just keeps blowing the air that heats up as the room­temperature.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on the accessories that are attached to the Hair dryer you are finally picking up. Often you may find dryers which include additional accessories that attract more number of consumers. For example, people with curly hair may look for a dryer with a Diffuser whereas the straight­haired users generally prefer dryers with a nozzle. So understand your hair type and go for the right hair dryer with the right set of accessories.

Check out the latest technology that are been implemented in making of the hair dryers today which each has its own set of functionality to suit your purpose. Get to know them before paying up for one.

This suits for all hair types. It adds shine to your hair and protects it from damage caused by heat and frizz.

Ionic Technology:
This too is suitable for all hair types. It creates negative ions to smoothen your hair and locks the moisture in it within minimum drying time.

Whatever be your hair type, tourmaline maximizes the effects of the ionic technology with fast drying time and adds more shine to your hair.

Cool Shot Button:
All hair, Sets the look for long­lasting hold, and adds shine.

High Air Flow:
If you have thick or coarse hair, any dryer with high air flow will dry your thick hair quickly which must have been otherwise a difficult task to dry till now.

Multiple Heat Settings:
Multiple Heat Settings is also a good option for thick or coarse hair type. It is better to use lower settings if you are styling your hair and use the higher ones if you want fast and effective drying.

Diffuser is useful for the curly hair type that adds an extra bounce in your hair with well­defined, frizz­free curls.

Multiple Heat and Speed Settings:
For thin or fine hair it is better to turn towards a lower setting and turn the ion generator off if you want to create more volume to your hair.

Wrap Up

Now that you have the list of the features suitable for thee hair types, it will get easier to step into the counter or at any online store to pick up the best dryer that will give your hair that shine and volume which you were longing for.

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