Long Hair Style – How to Maintain and Style Slacker Hair

Long hair is not difficult to maintain. With a little bit of knowledge and plenty of practice you can be a pro in styling your hair to rival those done by the famous hairdressers. The first fact to be aware of is long hair does require better care than short. Also, when you consider the drying techniques and styling methods and the products required to get the look, then you realize long hair is more time consuming.

Long hair does not require washing everyday and can be left to dry naturally. This, alone, insures a healthier head of hair to work with. Hair that is not freshly washed is easier to work with and will hold the style longer. Once you achieve what is termed as bra strap length hair, you will find all sort of easy and fashionable ways to work with your beautiful asset.

Perhaps the most common style for everyday is the classic pony tail. Remember, though, it’s essential to use a rubber coated band in order to protect the integrity of the hair swept up in the band. Steer clear of regular rubber bands. The split ends that will result can take months to grow out and will result in a trim that you may not wish to do. Pony tails are not just for little girls any longer. There are beautiful and elaborate pony tail holders for the fashionable woman. A fabulous silk scarf can be the topping over a simple band.

Wonderful French barrettes are a sensible way to keep the hair back and away from the face. A folded barrette style is easy to learn and simply done in steps. First, get your favorite barrette. Make 2 sections of hair on both sides of your head. Secure first section with a hair clamp, than claim the second section. Take both sections and comb back. Lift each section in each hand and tie together, making certain the knot is lying firmly against the back of your head. Use a comb to smooth the hair, and comb the top section of the knot down over the knot itself. Then, use your barrette to anchor the loose hair firmly against the back of your head. Voila! You have a beautiful and neat hairstyle that is graceful, yet fine for everyday wear.

It’s essential to learn a 3 strand braid. Once you have mastered this, any elegant style you have admired on others can easily be yours. A French braid is a common but wonderful do. The newest take is what is termed as a double French braid. It’s just what it sounds like, a French braid on each side of the head, then joined in the middle. Update this wonderful classic for a fun, modern look. A classic French braid can be learned on one’s own hair. It does take patience but once learned and executed flawlessly, you will be forever grateful you have mastered the craft.

Take a 3 by 1 section of hair directly behind your bangs. Divide this section into 3. This is the start of your French braid. You are going to then wrap your left thumb around the left section. Repeat the same with the right thumb on the right side. The middle will lie against your head. Make a soft fist around the left section resting your fingers on the back of your head. Begin to braid in this manner. Keeping a firm grip to the left lift the middle strand and begin to overlap each side, continue till u are at the bottom of your braid. Remember takes patient practice!

Once you have mastered the art of creating a beautiful braid, the different looks you can achieve with your long hair are limitless. If you have some trouble in the beginning, you might ask a friend or relative to help you learn. Your favorite hairstylist may be also be more than happy to show you the braiding technique, as well as many other simple hairdos for long hair.

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