How To Use Hair Dryer Like a Stylist


We all love to have our hair with a salon finish look. To go for tat perfect hairstyle, we all depend on a professional hand that knows how to take that special care without making a mess out of it. Among many other hair care methods, the perfect use of hair dryer gives the final touch to all the effort put together. It is finally the correct use of a hairdryer that will add the required volume, shine, and style. With the basic knowledge of how to use a hairdryer perfectly, you can easily make your own hairstyle your self with no compromise on the quality that a salon visit can promise. Here in this article to share the knowledge of how to get the right hair dryer for your hair type and tips on your favourite hair styling. All you need to do is to understand your own hair type and select the right blow dryer that will add that salon treatment to your everyday hair care.

An ideal blow dryer is the one which will come with the appropriate attached tools for hair styling. A professional hair dryers will have technologies like Ionic and Ceramic that help in restoring the natural moisture with the perfect shine while protecting your hair from stubborn tangles and frequent hair fall. Ionic hair dryers are perfect for combating frizz, while ceramic hair dryers are best for gentle hair care option. Also check the range of heat settings for the right styling options you are looking for. The right combination will give you the best result.

Blow Drying Your Hair:
Try to dry your hair in a room with less humidity. Blow­ drying in a humid bathroom after your shower will increase the risk of heat damage or frizz. Rather you can choose an air­conditioned that helps in reducing environmental humidity. A professional hair­drying technique involves partially blow­drying the hair all over to reduce the amount of moisture and then choose the styling tools to either straighten, add curls or volume. Dry your hair in part by part which will help you to dry out every bit of hair completely leaving it smooth.
Firstly you need to divide your hair into parts using clips or hair ties and then start brushing each of those hair parts while blow­drying them.

Heat and air settings:
If you have curly hair, do not blast the hairline with a high heat and air setting, rather choose the low heat and air to brush the your hairline. Otherwise, you may end up over­drying your hair making it more difficult to manage and get that free flowing movement.

Holding the dryer in place:
It doesn’t seem to be all to choose only the right heat and air setting. While blow drying your hair you need to hold it in such an angle that the dryer doesn’t point at your hair don’t think of holding it there for a while to get a faster result. Before you realize, it will fry your hair off. It is in face the other way round, where you need to hold the brush in a vertical angle and your blowdryer horizontally, which will give you a modern wave.

Choose the correct Brush type
Avoid the biggest mistake of using metal brushes. They heat up their way too fast, making the hair way too hot. Look around for a round brush which has both of nylon and boar bristles. Round bushes can flip the ends of your hair, while a paddle brush goes well with stick­straight styles.

Now for the finishing touch, you need to go a little more deeper in the technique and learn them. Some people cannot take the direct blow on the head itself, it can increase the risk of catching cold.. So in that case you have to hold your hair strands away from your skull and then dry. To be more specific, the hair part that is closer or attached to your hair needs drying more closely and the tail end can be dried up after a while. If you have got a hair dryer in recent days, please don’t ignore the instructions, and try to follow them. Now that you know the techniques, a few practical sessions will reduce your frequency to visit a salon.


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