Philips HP4940 Hair Dryer Review


Have you tried out Philips HP4940/00 Hair Dryer yet? If you are looking for a good hair dryer pick that will give you a Salon finish hair-do at home then this model from Philips can certainly deserve to be one of the best ones available right now in the market.
Philips HP4940 Hair Dryer
Philips HP4940 hair dryer has a cool look with a compact design which can be easily carried inside your purse to accompany you wherever you need it. To reduce your worry of saving it from any damage, the dryer is packed along with a cool travel pouch especially designed for rigorous usage and carefree handling. It works on dual voltage of 110 – 240 V which is ideal for using it anywhere. Now you can have beautifully stylized hair round the clock.

Highlighted Features

This 1600W hairdryer can create the optimum level of airflow and with a gentle drying power you get salon finish hair dressing at every use.

Collapsible Handle
To make it even more handy Philips HP4940/00 Hair Dryer is attached to a collapsible handle. As a result it makes the dryer a small and compact one which can be packed easily into a small space snugly fitting inside a corner of your purse.

Dual voltage
Because of the Dual voltage facility, it can be widely used anywhere.

Flexible Settings
To adjust the speed and the required heat this dryer is crafted with three flexible settings that ensure precised and customized styling for every individual user.

Cool Shot
Cool Shot is the most essential feature to enable professional functionality in a good hair dryer. This model from Philips carries the Cool Shot button that provides an intensive burst of cool air which is really useful after you are done with the styling as it gives the right finishing touch and set your hair style for the day.

Easy storage hook
There is a rubberized hook in the dryer which is located at the base of the handle. It can be used as an alternative storage option, which is really convenient for using it at home or while a hotel stay.

Sleek design with Cool wind option. Has a long cord attached for enhanced convenience, the Cool Shot sets the hair style, while the Narrow concentrator with focused airflow minimizes the drying time. It is really handy and very easy to use gadget.

Though Philips 1600W power is quite good a dryer for quick hair drying. But the cool shot option doesn’t function the way it is mentioned by other users, rather it got pretty warm instead of cold air and it wasn’t picking up the required speed either.


Overall with all its pros and cons and its user ratings, Philips HP4940/00 Hair Dryer indeed has marked its place with its multi-functionality and positive results.

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